We are a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, Ohio nonprofit corporation, organized to zealously advocate for traditional marriage and family, for life from conception until natural death, and for a man’s right to practice his religion - in his daily life, his business, his place of worship, and in the public square.

Legal protections have long been afforded to innocent life, traditional marriage and families and the freedom of religion. But they are eroding- or have eroded completely. We are in living in an era wherein people have resorted to to the courts in order to protect life, to practice their faith and to protect the institution of marriage as it has been defined for millennia.

Advocati exists to educate the public about threats to innocent life, traditional family and marriage, and religious liberty. We hold both general seminars and continuing legal education on these topics. We meet together to discuss strategies to uphold these freedoms.

Advocati Familiam, Vitam, Libertatem Cultus Divini Colentes
We are Citizens, Professionals and Attorneys Advocating Family, Life and Freedom of Divine Worship.



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